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Stephanie's Story

This is Stephanie. Stephanie is an entrepreneur, a mom, a baker, a dietician, a student, and so much more!

When Stephanie was 13 years old she was in a car accident that caused trauma to her brain. This brain trauma led to epilepsy, which did not show itself until 2-3 months after the accident. Stephanie's epilepsy started with absence seizures and, later, progressed to tonic clonic seizures.

Stephanie's seizures are controlled by medication but she continues to live with the residual affects. She wonders if she will have a seizure while driving, or on campus during a class. On nights when she doesn't sleep well, she wonders if she had a seizure during the night. The fear that accompanies epilepsy can cause anxiety and apprehension about being in public. This is the reality of living with epilepsy. Stephanie is so much more than her epilepsy but, just because it can't be seen, doesn't mean it doesn't continue to impact her.

If you have epilepsy, Stephanie's story will resonate with you. And if you don't have epilepsy, please remember that the unseen affects of epilepsy are powerful and present.

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