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“Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us.”

The Epilepsy Foundation of SETN invests in helping those affected by the challenges of living with epilepsy

4935 locals

Have been given education about epilepsy

These educational opportunities are taught to  first-responders (FR), schools, community focused organizations, and any businesses that may want to learn more about epilepsy.
When my son was diagnosed with epilepsy, the Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast TN helped our family to develop a 504/Individualized Education Program to provide to the local school system. The Epilepsy Foundation has provided multiple resources, answered many questions that we have had, and been an answered prayer. This area is very blessed to have these resources.  ~ Amanda, Old Fort, TN


Assisted our clients with over


services that helped lead them to a better situation



assistance to           clients 


At a supporting expense of over


We have also provided monthly support group meetings and studio E.

221+ individuals

40+ individuals

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About Us

We will work to ensure that people with seizure disorders are able to participate in all life experiences and overcome the challenges created by epilepsy.

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