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Christy's Story

Meet Christy and James.

They are parents to two beautiful daughters and one amazing pup. Christy and James live very active lives – flying planes, scuba diving, jumping in leaf piles, baking cookies, supporting local causes, creating adventures with their children, the list goes on.

Christy is a local hero. Her journey with epilepsy has been far from predictable. When she goes to bed at night, her sleep is anything but restful. She and her family live with all the expected fears that come with having uncontrolled seizures. Yet their smiles prevail.

Christy just returned home from surgery. Her head has gone through a journey, with 57 visible staples. It will take time, but there is hope. With the Neuro Pace implant, Christy’s seizures and meds should be reduced within a year!

The fight continues with Epilepsy. People like James and Christy, that live with epilepsy on a daily basis, know about that fight and their courage, perseverance, and positivity give us hope!

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