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Would you like to provide H.O.P.E. to others with epilepsy?


Are you or your child newly diagnosed and you need H.O.P.E.?


Join our network mentoring community! We are looking for volunteers who have dealt with epilepsy for a long time and "know the ropes." We need people who have personal experiences with seizures who aren't afraid to share them with others. Do you have epilepsy? Did you raise a child with epilepsy? Then, you know what it is like to have EEGs, see various neurologists, try different medications, and deal with this disorder on a daily basis. You know hard it is and yet you have H.O.P.E. If you want to Help Other People with Epilepsy, then join our group and be partnered with someone else in our area who needs your expertise!


Have you or your child been newly diagnosed? Are your doctors talking about tests, various medications and unknown diets? There are people in our community who have been down that road and know the way. They aren't doctors - but they do know a lot about epilepsy and seizures. They are one phone call away - someone who understands and can help.


Want to sign up to be a H.O.P.E. mentor or to sign up to be partnered with a H.O.P.E. mentor? Give us a call today at (423) 634-1772 and we will do our best to partner people with similar experiences.









Federal Employees can donate through a payroll deduction using:

CFC# 99531



Or feel free to simply send a check to:


Epilepsy Foundation

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