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Our training workshops are free of charge.


On any given shift, law enforcement may encounter persons exhibiting confused behavior, an inability to communicate, or a variety of behaviors inappropriate to time and place. There may be many causes of such behavior - some illegal and some medical. In some cases, these behaviors are the result of seizures. This is a disabling condition that requires a response that recognizes the involuntary nature of the episode.


We offer a training titled It Could be Epilepsy: A Field Guide for Law Enforcement. This hour-long training consists of a discussion with handouts and will:

  • Support the officer's priority in maintaining his or her own safety and protect rights of the person having a seizure.
  • Help the officer to understand the possibility that epilepsy may be the cause of unusual behavior.
  • Increase the officer's ability to respond to situations, determine proper course of action and assess need for medical care.
  • Increase officer's awareness and understanding of the nature, causes and effects of seizure disorder.
  • Delineate and clarify the officer's role when handling calls concerning seizures.
  • Provide the officer with easy reference information and tools necessary to react appropriately in the field of seizure management.
  • Heighten officer awareness and sensitivity to people with disabilities.
  • Improve awareness of the importance of maintaining access to seizure medications.

Call us to schedule a training: (423) 634-1772.


This program is funded by the Weldon F. Osborne Foundation.

Some first responders who have hosted a training:


Bledsoe County Sheriff's Department



Bradley Co. Sheriff's Department



Collegedale Police Department



Dade County Sheriff's Department


Dayton City Police Department



Etowah Police Department




Grundy County Sheriff's Department


Meigs County Jail


Red Bank Police Department




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