Did you know that not all seizures are convulsive? Some seizures look like daydreaming. Some seizures can look like intoxication or drug abuse. Some seizures are just a "weird feeling" or sense or smell.


At the core of supporting people with epilepsy is educating the public on seizure recognition and first aid. Would you know what to do if someone standing next to you in the office, supermarket or mall collapsed and had a seizure? Would you panic? Would you call 9-1-1? In fact, for people with epilepsy most seizures are not an emergency.


We educate the greater Chattanooga community - school nurses, teachers, students, caregivers, first responders, businesses and the general community on seizure recognition and first aid. These programs are free for the community. Click on the links to find out more!


School Nurse, Teacher & Students Programs

First Responders Program

Seniors and Seizures Program

Business Program

Health Fair Program





education in school aged-children



education for school nurses



Federal Employees can donate through a payroll deduction using:

CFC# 99531



Or feel free to simply send a check to:


Epilepsy Foundation

One Siskin Plaza

Chattanooga, TN 37403