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National Epilepsy Awareness Month


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November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month (NEAM)!


1 in 100 has epilepsy, and 1 in 26 will have it in their lifetime.


Many in our community need to have more information about epilepsy, or even to be made aware that Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee is here to help.  Throughout the month of November each year, we strive to increase awareness any way we are able. 

Here are our 2016 events:


November 3 - "Give Back Day" and Chattanooga Area Support Group @ The Purple Daisy.  Facebook LINK


November 10th - "Give Back Day" and Cleveland Area Support Group @ The Deli Boy's. Facebook LINK


November 11th - Interview on "This-n-That" about NEAM and the "Walk to Fight Epilepsy"


November 17th - Chefs Dinner & Wine Pairing Fundraiser @ The FEED co. Table & Tavern Facebook LINK


November 19th - "Walk to Fight Epilepsy" @ Warner Park. Facebook LINK



What can YOU do on your own?

Schools – invite us to your school for EPILEPSY DAY!  Decorate the school purple, have everyone wear purple, have a special purple item in the cafeteria, or even do a Pizza Hut PIZZA DAY that will benefit the Foundation here in Chattanooga.  We will come and speak to your students about epilepsy.  This helps to educate, reduce stigmas, reduce risk of bullying, and increase their understanding of seizures/epilepsy. 

Paint the Town Purple – help us encourage area businesses/organizations to commit to turning purple for the 2nd week in November. Whether it’s the Pier turning their columns purple, Liberty Tower turning their lights purple, or a lively purple display in a store window, we want to see PURPLE!  Do you know someone who can help us do this?  Let us know.

Pizza Parties – ask your business/church/school/group to have a pizza party for all of their employees.  We will provide you with a coupon to present to the Pizza Hut employee.  This means a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Epilepsy Foundation here in Chattanooga so we can continue to offer free resources.  Let us know when you would like to have a party, and we will set that up with Pizza Hut.

Connect with Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee directly if you can help, or have any questions.