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Parents of Teens

Parents of teens with epilepsy grapple with many issues – some teen related, others more epilepsy specific.  You Are Not Alone:  Parenting your Teen with Epilepsy is a program developed specifically to target the issues faced by these parents.  It is the culmination of a collaborative effort involving parents, Epilepsy Foundation program staff and clinicians.

You Are Not Alone:  Parenting Your Teen with Epilepsy consists of a series of six educational and experiential workshops designed to explore the many issues facing parents.  Topics include, but are not limited to self-care, letting go, effective communication, and feel more confident in making tough parenting decisions and maintain an ongoing support and resource network.

The program consists of a series of six workshops.  Each workshop is both educational and experiential.  As a participant of the program, we ask that parents:

  • Attend all six (6) workshops
  • Actively participate in all workshop activities
  • Complete homework assignments
  • Ask questions

We must have between 4 and 12 parents per workshop.  Each workshop is two hours and fifteen minutes long.

To find out more or request that we schedule a workshop, please connect with Epilepsy Foundation of Southeast Tennessee directly.